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    advice from www.shine-it.net/space.php?uid=554

    In the mean time I have been updating the wiki.shine-it.net/index.php?title=Open_ERP_Chinese_Glossary#A-Z (thanks digitalsatori for correcting some mistakes) on this site.
    I would encourage all of you to look critically and contribute to thisglossary. To get a good translation of OpenERP it is important that weuse the
    same translations for key concepts and difficult-to-translate words throughout. The glossary is intended for that.
    Translating of Open ERP is a bit frustrating because the English usedin the software is not always so good and not so standard (especiallymodule mrp is hell!), so I feel in the Chinese translation we shouldimprove on that. Rather than literally translating the terms Tiny uses,we need a very clear understanding of the underlying concepts to makegood translations. For example a term I am struggling with now is"subscriptions", translated mostly by "订阅“. But it has little to dowith ”订阅“. I think it refers to a period you can define toautomatically handle recurring entries. So perhaps “循环分录期” would bebetter? This is one example only. So please while translating, anytimeyou hit a key concept or a difficult to translate word (for exampleweek number, it is not a key concept but a bit difficult to translate,well for me that is) take the effort to update the glossary. In thatway I think we can get a nice consistent, professional interface.

    For "subscription" perhaps "重复循环期“ is better? As 循环期 can be interpreted as the duration of one cycle only.
    Appreciate your feedback.

    [[i] 本帖最后由 digitalsatori 于 2009-12-14 21:21 编辑 [/i]]

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    I agree with bhikkhu that "Subscription" in the context of Financial Management has nothing to do with "订阅“。 However, Put '重复' and '循环' together is a bit redundant in the meaning. Subscription here probably should be interpreted as recurring event in a period of time, it itself has no meaning of period, and thus we should omit "期“ in the translation.
    I suggest the below translation:

    Subsription Entries 循环凭证
    Running Subscriptions 执行中的循环凭证
    New Subscription 新建循环凭证
    Subscription Lines 循环凭证分录

  • Yes, 重复and 循环 together is a bit awkard. Good suggestions of digitalsatori. But, I don't know. Basically subscription is now equated with recurring entry. Subscription seem to be a bit more than the recurring entry, it also states the duration and the frequency of the recurring entry. So that is why I suggested the less than ideal "期" . Perhaps a better idea would be to call it a batch or series. What about “系列“?

    Also, now the term "凭证“ is introduced. I know it is used in Chinese accounting software to indicate the basic record of a transaction, but it might be confusing here. In OpenERP the basic transaction is the journal entry for which the term (日记帐)分录 is suggested. 分录 is understood to be a complete journal entry not just a line. I tend to think that the concept of 凭证 doesn't lend itself very well for an international system as OpenERP. I would steer away from it, and not use it at all (or only in the original sense of voucher).

    So building on digitalsatori's suggestions I would propose the following:

    Subscription 循环分录系列
    Subscription Entries 循环分录系列
    Running Subscriptions 执行中的循环分录系列
    New Subscription 新建循环分录系列
    Subscription Lines 系列分录

    What does everybody think?

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    After a little research I realize that bhikkhu is right about the translation of the term 'entry'. "分录“ is a proper translation for it.

    As for Subscription,strictly speaking, it is kind of template of entry, it will generate a series of entries by time when activated. the entry series(系列) is it's running result, not itself.

    so I would suggest the translation: “循环分录模板“ or a terse term “循环分录“, I prefer the latter.

    [[i] 本帖最后由 digitalsatori 于 2010-1-9 21:45 编辑 [/i]]

  • 具体见SAP最佳业务实践文档

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    感谢Jeff的说明,“周期性分录” 的叫法的确比较准确。

  • 预约或预订,不过叫周期性也不错

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