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Open ERP说很烂的中文吗?我们来教她

  • 我明白了,我未加入 lp 中文小组之前的翻译都是算 suggestion,现在加入了中文小组就可以成为 current translation 了

  • 从昨天开始我每天平均为翻译贡献一个小时,把原来的 Suggestion 都改为 Current Translation,希望下一个版本自带的翻译基本能看

  • 支持楼上的,我们每次有空就上去看看有没有自己能翻译的,就算每天上去翻译几个词也好,大家都动起来就会越来越完善的。

  • Hi,
    Sorry for being absent some time. Good to see that everybody is contributing.
    I also did my share and completed https://translations.launchpad.net/openobject-server/trunk/+pots/base/zh_CN/ . It was a rough experience because there were lots of terms that came from other modules for some reason. Only yesterday this was corrected by Tiny (base had 1960 terms or so and now has 1431). Please check the translation.
    Working on module account as we speak.

    In the mean time I have been updating the wiki.shine-it.net/index.php?title=Open_ERP_Chinese_Glossary#A-Z (thanks digitalsatori for correcting some mistakes) on this site.
    I would encourage all of you to look critically and contribute to this glossary. To get a good translation of OpenERP it is important that we use the
    same translations for key concepts and difficult-to-translate words throughout. The glossary is intended for that.
    Translating of Open ERP is a bit frustrating because the English used in the software is not always so good and not so standard (especially module mrp is hell!), so I feel in the Chinese translation we should improve on that. Rather than literally translating the terms Tiny uses, we need a very clear understanding of the underlying concepts to make good translations. For example a term I am struggling with now is "subscriptions", translated mostly by "订阅“. But it has little to do with ”订阅“. I think it refers to a period you can define to automatically handle recurring entries. So perhaps “循环分录期” would be better? This is one example only. So please while translating, anytime you hit a key concept or a difficult to translate word (for example week number, it is not a key concept but a bit difficult to translate, well for me that is) take the effort to update the glossary. In that way I think we can get a nice consistent, professional interface.

  • For "subscription" perhaps "重复循环期“ is better? As 循环期 can be interpreted as the duration of one cycle only.
    Appreciate your feedback.

  • 管理员

    我现在是All_in_one 5.0.6 ,我用OE导出来的po文件上传的时候出错:
    On 2009-12-30 01:56z (6 days 9 hours 16 minutes ago), you uploaded a
    file with Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN) translations for account in
    OpenObject Addons trunk in Launchpad.

    We were unable to import it because either this file did not originate
    in Launchpad, or you removed the tag we use to mark files exported from

    The reason we require that tag is to prevent translators who work
    offline from inadvertently reverting translations made by others.

    To fix the problem, please get the latest export from Launchpad, apply
    your changes and upload the merged file.

  • 同志们,常用模块里就只剩下 CRM 了,加油啊

  • 管理员


  • 管理员


  • 考察了很久,又一年开始了, 再等下去也没意思.今天公司开会,决定开始正式实施.

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